Use the PDF24 Creator to convert to/from PDF

Use the PDF24 Creator to convert to and from PDF. PDF24 makes this easy. With the PDF24 Creator you can convert anything that is printable into PDF. The conversion from PDFs to other file formats is also possible. Here you will learn how to do so using the PDF24 Creator.

Convert to PDF with the PDF24 Creator

After installing the software a virtual printer will appear in your system. To convert a file or document to PDF you will need to print the file using the PDF printer. Open your file with a suitable program and print your file using the PDF24 printer. After this a PDF24 wizard/assistance window will open where you can then save your PDF. Isn’t that easy?

If you would like the process to be faster, then you can also navigate through the menu bar of the file or just drag the file to the PDF24 Creator. When placing the file to the Creator the conversion to PDF happens automatically. You therefore won’t need to print from the PDF printer manually. Via the context menu of a file you can also convert to PDF quickly. Right click on the file, choose PDF24 and then convert your file to PDF. The context menu is the fastest way. If the context menu does not display, then it might be disabled in the settings or you do not have the latest version of the software.

Use the PDF24 Creator to convert other files into PDF

To convert a PDF to a different file format: Open the PDF24 Creator and drag your PDF file into the main window. The file will then be displayed. Click the Save icon in the toolbar. Here you can choose your export format and adjust the settings for each format. Then click Save under your output format.

If you would like this process to be faster, then you can use the context menu of the file. Right-click on the file, choose PDF24 and then click Convert To… Then choose your export format, set your adjustments and Save.

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Odwrotny kierunek: Konwertuj pliki PDF na Word, JPEG, PNG i inne formaty plików

Za pomocą PDF24 można również konwertować pliki PDF online na inne formaty plików. Konwerter PDF konwertujący pliki PDF na inne formaty plików jest dostępny bezpłatnie w internetowym zestawie narzędzi PDF24. Za pomocą tego narzędzia można szybko i łatwo konwertować pliki PDF na różne inne formaty. Obsługiwane są takie pliki jak: Word, PNG i JPEG.

Konwertuj PDF online

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